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With Great Love

Who We Are

Our Experience

Our team has more than 20 years combined experience in film and media work having worked as media/communications consultants for The AU, John Hopkins University International, JICA, Transparency International, UNDP-TZ, MTV-Base among others. In strategic partnership with like minded companies, we offer a tailor-made solution with regards to media-for-development work that taps on the wide range of experience, talent and expertise in all the affiliated companies.

Our Team

    • • Denis Muchai - Communications Director
      • David Wainaina - Creative Director
      • Moses Kamau - Business Development Director
      • George Nyaga - Marketing Director
  • Media

    We produce relevant, high-quality consumable content for the digital world;
    • We develop media strategies that documents the creative aspects of enhancing the development work carried out by both the events’ and consultancy work of the company.
    • Produce independent content for entertainment & infotainment developed independently for sale and programming.
    • Artist management, music distribution, concert/tours, Music & video production, Publishing.


    Communicate what is working by helping our clients clarify their core message & share it boldly with the world through multi-media channels.