Sometimes the toughest moments in our transformation journey is sharing our success stories with the world. This remains one of the most underrated aspect of impact/development work in Africa with little success stories shared and publicized succinctly and consistently. Why is it important to share our transformation stories?

• The power of one example to inspire change. Wangari Maathai inspired change through her simple example of advocating for Human rights through conserving the environment. We believe we have many impact creators/organizations doing similar work with passion and their story can inspire the next generation of leaders.

• Communicating the impact with your partners, shareholders, stakeholders and support community. Behind every impact story there's a support team. We believe in offering quality feedback so as to create opportunities for innovation and scaling-up.

• Enlist support for your project/cause. Our unique African culture and strong sense of community allows us to rally together during times of uncertainty and towards solving seemingly insurmountable challenges. By sharing your impact stories, with a clear call to action, you create an opportunity for like-minded supporters (individuals and organizations) of your project to join you in scaling impact.

• Influence policy innovation and decision making concerning the issue. By providing results-based approach to policy discussions on the issue, we increase the chances of influencing decision making and policy innovation. We believe African policy formulation and implementation can be improved when a results-based approach is instituted. We have to start by communicating what is working more clearly and consistently.

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