In our quest to - Reach Everyone Artistically and Create Transformation - we have prioritized events management as the main outreach strategy. Events not only amplify our message, they provide platforms for fostering meaningful conversations and partnerships towards solving challenges/scaling impact. 

In light of this, our mission is to help our clients and partners view events as not only a celebration but a declaration. A declaration of:-

  • Who we are - Our story, brand, mission, message, products, services
  • What we stand for - Quality standards, culture, level of excellence, values, strategic partnerships.
  • Implicit call to action - How we seek to change our communities through what we do (products, services) and how others can be part of our transformation journey (list building).


What we offer:

(Events Consultancy)

Our events services include:

  1. Event management From conceptualization to implementation, we listen closely to the needs of our clients/partners making sure we infuse your story (brand) to actualize your the vision (purpose) for the event. This allows us to create a unique 'signature-look' type of event that not sells your brand but also announces your story/call to action.
  2. Marketing and media Marketing is a critical aspect of the event without which there would be no outreach to the target audience. We leverage on relationships built with various traditional media platforms during previous events to ensure we reach your target market. Our online and social media marketing approach ensures that your event is widely marketed as well as monitored and measured. Most importantly however, online marketing allows for list-building through email sign-ups which helps build your community.
  3. Event production By partnering with our trusted suppliers, whom we have grown with over years, we focus on meeting industry-standards for your event with regards to:-
  • Sound. stage and lights (inclusive of generator)
  • Outdoor events' paraphernalia e.g. Tents, chairs, decor.
  • Food and beverages
  • Entertainment - Performing Artists (Musicians, Comedians), Live band(s), Mcs', Djs
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