The Company focuses on creating platforms for transformation through Events/Project Management, Multi-Media production to succinctly communicate their story, organisation & personal leadership development to enhance capacity, Communications and Policy Advocacy to influence decision making at all levels. 

 Why work with us?

What we offer:

We specialize in:-

  1. Content Creation Working closely with your communication team, we delve deeper into your project/product/service to un-earth your unique story which we use to create powerful copy that connects with your audience. We use the copy to develop regular blogs, news articles, and media briefs.
  2. Digital Media Engagement Our main media strategy focuses on creating for our clients a strong, consistent and reliable online presence. We co-create with our clients digital content that is simple and easily consumable by the target audience on a myriad of platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  3. List-building (Email marketing) Email marketing (sign up) has been considered as the more potent tool of creating a community than any other social media platform. When it comes to your community, quality is more important than quantity. We work closely with our clients to help them build a community of supporters that will contribute to the success of their project/service.
  4. Photography and Videography Our media team will document the success stories by capturing HighRes photos and HD videos that can be consumed by traditional media sources as well as new media. Our philosophy of infusing your story in all of your communication allows us to work closely with you in co-developing a script prior to documenting (through photos & videos). Our competitive advantage is our keen interest and passion for telling stories of transformation. We not only go the extra mile, we walk with you in your transformation journey.  
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