Sometimes the toughest moments in our transformation journey is sharing our success stories with the world. This remains one of the most underrated aspect of impact/development work in Africa with little success stories shared and publicized succinctly and consistently. Why is it important to share our transformation stories?

• The power of one example to inspire change. Wangari Maathai inspired change through her simple example of advocating for Human rights through conserving the environment. We believe we have many impact creators/organizations doing similar work with passion and their story can inspire the next generation of leaders.

• Communicating the impact with your partners, shareholders, stakeholders and support community. Behind every impact story there's a support team. We believe in offering quality feedback so as to create opportunities for innovation and scaling-up.

• Enlist support for your project/cause. Our unique African culture and strong sense of community allows us to rally together during times of uncertainty and towards solving seemingly insurmountable challenges. By sharing your impact stories, with a clear call to action, you create an opportunity for like-minded supporters (individuals and organizations) of your project to join you in scaling impact.

• Influence policy innovation and decision making concerning the issue. By providing results-based approach to policy discussions on the issue, we increase the chances of influencing decision making and policy innovation. We believe African policy formulation and implementation can be improved when a results-based approach is instituted. We have to start by communicating what is working more clearly and consistently.





The Company focuses on creating platforms for transformation through Events/Project Management, Multi-Media production to succinctly communicate their story, organisation & personal leadership development to enhance capacity, Communications and Policy Advocacy to influence decision making at all levels. 

 Why work with us?

What we offer:

We specialize in:-

  1. Content Creation Working closely with your communication team, we delve deeper into your project/product/service to un-earth your unique story which we use to create powerful copy that connects with your audience. We use the copy to develop regular blogs, news articles, and media briefs.
  2. Digital Media Engagement Our main media strategy focuses on creating for our clients a strong, consistent and reliable online presence. We co-create with our clients digital content that is simple and easily consumable by the target audience on a myriad of platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  3. List-building (Email marketing) Email marketing (sign up) has been considered as the more potent tool of creating a community than any other social media platform. When it comes to your community, quality is more important than quantity. We work closely with our clients to help them build a community of supporters that will contribute to the success of their project/service.
  4. Photography and Videography Our media team will document the success stories by capturing HighRes photos and HD videos that can be consumed by traditional media sources as well as new media. Our philosophy of infusing your story in all of your communication allows us to work closely with you in co-developing a script prior to documenting (through photos & videos). Our competitive advantage is our keen interest and passion for telling stories of transformation. We not only go the extra mile, we walk with you in your transformation journey.  




Why Events?

In our quest to - Reach Everyone Artistically and Create Transformation - we have prioritized events management as the main outreach strategy. Events not only amplify our message, they provide platforms for fostering meaningful conversations and partnerships towards solving challenges/scaling impact. In light of this, our mission is to help our clients and partners view events as not only a celebration but a declaration. A declaration of:-

  • Who we are - Our story, brand, mission, message, products, services
  • What we stand for - Quality standards, culture, level of excellence, values, strategic partnerships.
  • Implicit call to action - How we seek to change our communities through what we do (products, services) and how others can be part of our transformation journey (list building).


What we offer:

(Events Consultancy)

Our events services include:

  1. Event management From conceptualization to implementation, we listen closely to the needs of our clients/partners making sure we infuse your story (brand) to actualize your the vision (purpose) for the event. This allows us to create a unique 'signature-look' type of event that not sells your brand but also announces your story/call to action.
  2. Marketing and media Marketing is a critical aspect of the event without which there would be no outreach to the target audience. We leverage on relationships built with various traditional media platforms during previous events to ensure we reach your target market. Our online and social media marketing approach ensures that your event is widely marketed as well as monitored and measured. Most importantly however, online marketing allows for list-building through email sign-ups which helps build your community.
  3. Event production By partnering with our trusted suppliers, whom we have grown with over years, we focus on meeting industry-standards for your event with regards to:-
  • Sound. stage and lights (inclusive of generator)
  • Outdoor events' paraphernalia e.g. Tents, chairs, decor.
  • Food and beverages
  • Entertainment - Performing Artists (Musicians, Comedians), Live band(s), Mcs', Djs





People and Organizational Development

We believe that problems are both caused and solved by people. Albert Einstein remarked that, ‘we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it in the first place’. Inspired by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, I am because you are; we focus on improving the people so as to improve the situation.

How do we do this? By equipping leaders and organizations (in which they work) with the right tools and strategies to innovate and communicate their stories (vision, products, services) and in turn they can foster transformation in the community at large through what they do.

Purpose Culture

In the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others’. When purpose meets passion we have the freedom to innovate and create impact in an environment that values meaningful relationships and work.

At the core of our training is instituting “purpose culture” where the individual and organization’s purpose are aligned creating harmony, trust, enhanced growth and continued realization of goals both at the individual and organizational level. We have developed tools to help to help guide organizations institute Purpose Culture that ensures:-

• Vision alignment with people, products and services – Retain top talent and free them to innovate

• Team/Department alignment to the larger organizational purpose – Create organizational momentum

• Competitive Advantage – Differentiation from competitors

Our Personal leadership coaching program equips leaders to not only understand their purpose but develop a growth plan that helps them continuously develop and express their core competencies while realizing their personal and organizational goals.

We can do amazing things with great #LOVE (i.e. Living-Our-Vision-Everyday)

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