Three key insights that inspire change

We live in a stress-filled world in which we are constantly inundated with negative news in our daily lives. Our very own nature makes us see more negative qualities in ourselves & the people around us than positive ones. 

In most instances, whenever we are asked to describe our day we usually end up describing how bad the traffic was, maybe how bad the weather was or mostly, how much work we have to contend with. On those rare occasions when everything seems to have panned out perfectly for us, we usually hold our breath waiting for that one thing to go wrong and then kaboom… ‘I knew something had to bring me back to reality’ - we end up concluding.

Rarely do we pause to think of the detremental effect our attitude has on our performance at work or even in our relationships. Kathryn D. Cramer, a Psychologist and author of ‘Change The Way You See Everything’, points out that 80% of the time we tend to be alert for what’s not working. She points out that up until we are three or four year’s old, just about anything we do is greeted with applause and appreciation by adults in our lives but when we get to school the focus changes to what we are doing wrong, and it stays that way right through further education.

I believe what Dr. Cramer is asserting is that every negative interpretation of someone or something is a reflection of our judging ourselves in one way or another - all of which is a learned process which can be un-learned. To help expound on this, here are three key insights that will help you not only develop a positive attitude but develop a winning mentality that will see you achieving greatness in the face of life’s challenges.

  1. Express gratitude. A lot has been said about gratitude but how many of us are truly harnessing its power of by consciously taking effort to show gratitude - even in the smallest ways? One of the most creative ways of showing gratitude is writing letters. One of my mentors once advised me to write small letters to people who have made a positive impact in my life. Keeping a gratitude journal is also an action-oriented step towards keeping you aware of just how blessed you are. Express your gratitude every time you get an opportunity. This will help you realise that life is actually on your side and not out to ‘get you’.
  2. Face reality. It is vitally important to face up to reality. If something has happened that you did not expect, ask yourself ‘is this the worst that could’ve happened?’ Take your time to respond instead of reacting. What makes us powerless and weak during difficult moments is the feeling of loneliness and lack of support which makes us retreat by isolating ourselves from reality. If you have been taking time to put into perspective what really matters through expressing gratitude consciously and consistently, you will be better equipped to respond since you know life is on your side. You now know you have more going for you than against you. You will reach out to others for help and you will be more open to ideas since you are not in a state of retreat.
  3. Take action. One of the major contributors of stress and frustration in our lives is lack of action. We were created for nothing short of exquisite expression of awesomeness. Most of us dream awesome dreams but few of us are courageous enough to act on our dreams. This builds up frustration on the inside. Yet what we do not know is that there is power in action. Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged us by stating that we ‘don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step’. Goethe once said, ‘Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Only engage, and the mind grows heated. Begin it, and the work will be completed.’

Life is ultimately an awesome journey. It is this journey, with its ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows that gives us clarity of perception and ultimately builds our character.

So what or whom are you grateful for today?

What current situation are you running away from?

What is that project you have been planning to start?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section below and let's motivate one another to be our best....

Lots of L.O.V.E (Living Our Vision Everyday)

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