Power of transformation

The new year is finally here with us; two weeks and a few days into the year already consumed, the cliche that is new year resolutions are easy to come by not only from the family circle but also from friends and colleagues. Organizations too have their objectives set on high sales and overall customer satisfaction. 

What institutions forget, or tend to bypass, is the power of personal transformation. Investing in the development of an individuals inner trait propels the realization of individual self purpose. The end result brings into existence love, contentment and strong relationships.

Study shows that while there are many ways in which human beings can become successful, a thriving life can be attained by having a “support system”. What this means is that relationships, of all kinds, can directly affect the way we understand and utilize motivation. (Brooke Feeney, a professor of social psychology at Carnegie Mellon Hall in Pittsburg.) The study continues to show that the mental state of the human being is often the starting point to all the other successes in their lives, and being of sound mind can carry a hefty weight in creating a thriving lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, a thriving person is in all respects a happy person, going from one goal to the other with ease. Their minds are basically clear and focused on the end goal. Thus I urge organizations and other institutions to center their interests on enabling employees realize their individual purpose even as they venture into making profits and building the company brand.

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