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The Company focuses on creating platforms for transformation through Events/Project Management, Multi-Media production to succinctly communicate their story, organisation & personal leadership development to enhance capacity, Communications and Policy Advocacy to influence decision making at all levels. 

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Self Help Group - Roadmap to Food Security

Climate Change adversely affects Kenya with increased desertification threatening the livelihood of many in Northern Kenya. The impact on food security has been exacerbated by frequent droughts, with Kenya having declared six National Disasters since 1993 as a result of drought (according to the IDRC report on vulnerability among Pastrolists). 

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Power of transformation

The new year is finally here with us; two weeks and a few days into the year already consumed, the cliche that is new year resolutions are easy to come by not only from the family circle but also from friends and colleagues. Organizations too have their objectives set on high sales and overall customer satisfaction. 

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In our quest to - Reach Everyone Artistically and Create Transformation - we have prioritized events management as the main outreach strategy. Events not only amplify our message, they provide platforms for fostering meaningful conversations and partnerships towards solving challenges/scaling impact. 

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